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“The Asian Hustle: Secrets of the Hindu Shuffle” is the result of years of dedicated research on Asian hustlers and their methods. More than 30 sleights related to the Hindu Shuffle and their variations are described – from peeks and flashes to single card and slug controls, from capping and copping to false shuffling and beating the cut, and even practical methods of stacking and culling! Many of these sleights are published FOR THE FIRST TIME!

100 A5 pages with 60 photographs in full colour, complete with a hard cover. Unpublished secrets from the Asian underground. Complete with essays on history, culture and mindsets. Consolidated, written and published in Singapore.


After the last card is played, “The Asian Hustle: Secrets of the Hindu Shuffle” is an important and long-overdue contribution to the body of knowledge we call “gambling sleight of hand”.

- Steve Forte


A serious and authoritative, first time Advantage Gaming revelation.

- Dr. X


As a magician who has a real passion for gambling moves & sleight of hand, I enjoyed this book and found the content fascinating!

- Bill Malone


首先恭喜好友也感謝好友 Lance Caffrey 完成了牌界的經典作,2013年為牌術留下經典傳奇!

我稱內容為牌術中的賭術:「鬼洗」(原指牛仔褲的經典製作)。「鬼洗」是一種日本方言,其中的“鬼”字是大師的意思。顧名思義,“鬼洗”的意思就是亞洲大師的洗牌,新加坡的牌神  Lance Caffrey 當應本作而生!


- 台灣牌神 梅幻牌 (CHUANG WEI TUNG)


Lance’s book on the Asian shuffle is ground breaking.  His authoritative knowledge on this little known topic is unsurpassed and this book belongs in the library of anyone interested in card cheating.

- Sal Piacente


中西文化之间有很大的差距,当然这也包括了赌博。这本书是以亚洲的洗牌法为主题。虽然它已存在了很久, 但并没有人认真的为它写过一本书。”The Asian Hustle: Secrets of the Hindu Shuffle” 可算是一本深入浅出的专文。它剖析了印度洗牌法的精髓,实在值得强力推荐!

- Sharkey Chong


Lance studied the Hindu Shuffle like no one else did and shares his technical developments in this unique and fascinating book. I haven’t seen anything like it.

- Denis Behr



- 大魔術師 胡凱倫



Westerners often forget that people on the other half of the planet use card methods very different from theirs. Up to now, serious information about Eastern techniques in English language has been scarce, and sometimes inaccurate or unreliable. Lance’s work fills in one part of the gap as, from now on, magicians and gambling aficionados can benefit from the first complete treatise about the Asian shuffle.

- Arnold McDonald


FOREWORD by Steve Forte.

PREFACE by Terry Roses.


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