Vintage Ivory 8 Sided Top - Sides 01

Featured in this album is an 8-sided top made of ivory, probably circa 1940s. However, to be honest, I have no clue what game this top is used in. To the best of my knowledge, there were 2 common 8-sided top games played back in that era – Pek Bin and Dadu Katak Ular. This top is closer to that used in Dadu Katak Ular, but lacks pips and coloured sides.

It seems to me that the top is made for a game that is a cross between Dadu Katak Ular and Belangkai (featured here – The standard fish, prawn, isopod and flower from Belangkai designs, as well as the frog, snake, alligator and rooster from Dadu Katak Ular designs are found on the top.

It would likely not be too presumptuous to assume that this was an evolved game, likely played by the Indonesian Chinese back in the day.

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